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Where is the offer of micro powder grinding mill?

Before purchasing any equipment, the user first consults the price and asks the supplier to make a quotation. The same is true for the purchase of micro powder grinding mill equipment. Where is the quotation for micron powder grinding mill? How to get a real and effective quote? Clirik's 24-hour customer service staff will give you a brief explanation.
When we purchase micro powder grinding mill, we often conduct multiple inspections and consultations, asking for a quote, which is a normal thinking process. However, many customers simply state their needs when consulting, and then ask for a quote. In fact, this is not reasonable. For example, for our customer service staff, we can't make random quotes with customers. Why is this? Of course, there are too many factors that determine the offer of micronization.
micro powder grinding mill
 In the quotation of the micro powder grinding mill, it is important to know the output and fineness requirements of the customer's requirements in order to determine the equipment model that can be used. The reason for customers to leave a direct contact is because they need to directly communicate specific production needs, such as the humidity, use of materials, and supporting facilities to be matched. In this way, our micronization technicians will specify a reasonable and cost-effective production plan for customers based on their work experience and previous customer production cases, and then make a systematic quotation for the micronization.
When consulting and inspecting the equipment and quotations of various manufacturers, customers must compare the price gap. Within 50,000 is a reasonable factor, but if the gap is more than 50,000, analyze why there is such a gap. For example, good after sales, equipment materials, product structure, product technology and so on. You should choose according to your actual needs. It depends on how you can communicate with the supplier and buy the desired micro-milling equipment.

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